Exhibition + Project with Joan Jonas at Fundación Botín

I am soon heading off to Santander, Spain to work with Joan Jonas and 14 other international artists at Fundación Botín.  There, I will create new work of my own and also participate in the development of Joan's new installation, "Caudal o Río, Vuelo o Ruta" ("Stream or River, Flight or Pattern"), both to be exhibited at Botín starting June 24th.

Details from the press release in English: 

"The fifteen artists selected by the artist are: Saverio Bonato (Italy, 1991); Sara Bonaventura (Italy, 1982); Aliansyah Caniago (Indonesia, 1987), Santiago Diaz Escamilla (Colombia, 1992) Galia Eibenschutz (Mexico, 1970); Ariel Elisabeth Gout (France, 1968); Allison Janae Hamilton (USA, 1984), Sonja Hinrichsen Silke (Germany, 1967); Noriko Koshida (Japan, 1981); Alessandra Messali (Italy, 1985); Carolina Redondo (Chile, 1977); Mara Danielle Streberger Elizalde (USA, 1978); Yusuke Taninaka (Japan, 1988); Phan Thao-Nguyen (Vietnam, 1987); Xavier José Cunilleras ( Spain, 1979).

For three weeks the artists will develop their own project, the result of which will be presented at Villa Iris from 24 June to 10 July, after exchanging experiences with Joan Jonas and reflecting together on the relationship between human beings and the role nature plays the landscape, the rural medium, or artistic sustainability in practice, a subject that has focused much of the artist's latest works.

In addition, these artists will also participate in the development of a new installation that the American artist will exhibit at The Botín Foundation from June 25."